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  • Full Syringe: $575
  • Half Syringe: $375

Frequently Asked Questions

Currently offering lip filler only. Full face coming soon.
Gone are the days of the duck lips. The goal is to look enhanced and refreshed, without anyone knowing what you had done.

You should wait until your cold sore has cleared up. Lip filler can trigger an outbreak so if you are prone to cold sores, contact the clinic and we may be able prescribe you a preventative antiviral depending on the cause of your cold sores.

1- Pregnant or breastfeeding.
2- Have a dental, tattoo or vaccination appointment in the last 2 weeks or upcoming 2 weeks.
3- Any active infection or on antibiotics in the previous 2 weeks.
4- Active autoimmune conditions.

1- No blood thinners (Aspirin, NSAIDs, St John’s Wort, Vitamin E or Omega) 7 days prior (if possible), to appointment. These will increase your risk for bleeding and bruising. Do not stop taking prescription medications without consulting your doctor.
2- No hot beverages 1 hour prior.
1- Avoid exposure to intense heat (sun, hot tub, sauna) for 72 hours.
2- Do not sleep on the treated area (try to sleep on your back for 4 nights).
3- Avoid strenuous exercise for 24 hours.
4- Avoid foods high in salt to decrease swelling.
5- Wait a minimum of 1 week for a facial, wait a minimum of 4 weeks for laser treatment.
6- Do not do anything that puts pressure on your lips (straws, smoking, vaping, heavy kissing etc) for 4-7 days.
7- Do not touch or manipulate the area (unless otherwise instructed). This can displace the product and put you at higher risk for infection.
8- Avoid makeup or lip gloss for 4-6 hours to prevent infection.
9- If you have swelling you can use ice (15 min on, 15 min off). Tylenol and ice for discomfort. You can use topical or oral Arnica to help with bruising.

1- Bleeding, bruising, redness and swelling can occur with any injections.
3- Asymmetry (which can be corrected at your follow up).
4- Infection (rare).
5- Vascular occlusion (blocking of the blood vessel) which can lead to tissue necrosis (very rare 0.01%).
5- In case of an occlusion, there will be a medication called Hyaluronidase injected into the blocked area which promptly dissolves the filler.
6- Reactivation of cold sores. Granuloma formation and visible lumps and bumps.
6- Reactivation of cold sores.
7- Granuloma formation and visible lumps and bumps.

On average 6-12 months. Areas of the face with more movement will need more frequent touch ups.

Immediate! Your lips will come down in size by about 30% after the swelling goes down.

It can be uncomfortable. A topical numbing cream will be used as well as many pain distracting techniques including stress balls, music and vibration tools and ice.

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