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Fat Dissolving

Fat Dissolving Details

Fat Dissolving: Fast Facts


Price Per Treatment Per Area

  • $450
  • Number of treatments determined at Consultation


Frequently Asked Questions

Deoxycolic acid (a naturally occurring acid in the body) is injected into the subcutaneous fat, which breaks down the fat cells to be metabolized and excreted by the body. Works for smaller targeted areas of unwanted fat.

Double chin (most popular), jawline, bra fat (front and back), targeted abdominal fat, love handles, back of the arms, jowls (fatty areas not loose skin), inner thighs, banana rolls (area underneath the bum), knee fat.

You will need a consultation to determine, but will fall between 2-6 treatments for under the chin and 2-8 treatments for the body.

Come back to the clinic every 5 weeks until desired effect has been achieved. If your life does not allow treatments this often, that is ok! Treatments can be spaced as far apart as you need, as long as there is 5 weeks minimum inbetween.

Yes, unless you gain weight post treatment.

Please see the Services page for in-depth information on pricing.

1- No alcohol 12 hours prior to your appointment.
2- No blood thinning medications 3 days prior. Be cognizant of foods that can thin the blood.
3- Please arrive without makeup on.
4- Plan to have your treatment 4 weeks prior to an event to allow for bruising and swelling to resolve.
5- Please shave the treatment area the night prior to your appointment (if applicable).

1- No blood thinning medications 3 days after your procedure. 2- You can take Tylenol for comfort. No Advil or Motrin for 3 days as this may make bruising worse. 3- No high heat (hot tubs, saunas) for 24 hours. 4- Stay upright for 2-4 hours. 5- Don’t touch or manipulate the area, this can create further swelling and/or infection. 6- No face creams or makeup for the rest of the day. 7- Ice can be used 15-20 min on and 15-20 off as needed. 8- No strenuous exercise for 48 hours. 9- Avoid wearing tight clothes over the treated area while the swelling is the worst. 10- Decrease sodium intake for 3 days to help reduce swelling. 11- Use alcohol with caution for 3 days as this may make bruising worse. 12- Avoid chemical peels, facials, and laser to the area for 2 weeks. 13- Don't judge the results for at least 4 weeks after your injections. It takes the body time to dissolve the fat.
There will be a numbing cream and ice applied before the injections. A small needle is used and patients report a burning or “spicy” sensation while the medication is being injected. This usually lasts for about 30-45 minutes post treatment. You will experience some soreness over the next couple days to weeks. Ice for comfort (not swelling) and Tylenol (not Advil) will help.

 The medication will slowly break down the fat cells over the 5 week period in between treatments.

Most common are moderate swelling for 7 days or longer, bruising and discomfort. Swelling is expected, which means the treatment is working! More rare side effects will be discussed at your consultation.

Thyroid cancer treatment within the last year, swollen lymph nodes, infection or skin breakdown in the treatment area, pregnant or breastfeeding, bleeding disorder, history of swallowing difficulties, and kidney or liver dysfunction.

Ideal candidates are those who are at the their targeted weight and have a stubborn area of fat not responsive to diet and exercise. Fat dissolving does not tighten skin.

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